Communication Mastery 101

Introduction to the Enneagram and how to use this knowledge to improve communication in our professional and personal lives including clients, colleagues, family members and social relationships.  Includes an overview of each personality type to allow a deeper understanding of how people think and work when they are operating as their most authentic self. 

Communications Mastery 201

In this class, we focus on team building and leadership training, as you have often studied before, but with a twist.  Brad teaches about how to equip leaders to build stronger, more effective teams by asking the right questions and empowering their staff.  At the same time, Ryan reinforces the principles of personality that were taught in the 101 class. This uniquely interactive, multi dimensional method of facilitation brings a change of pace from the 101 class while teaching how to apply the information specifically to each organization.  

Executive Coaching

At the employee, manager or executive level for those that want to go deeper into the information presented in the 101 class.  One on one coaching that builds on the knowledge of the Enneagram and guides you on a path of self-discovery. For anyone ready to begin addressing the limiting beliefs that prevent you from reaching your full potential in personal and professional settings.


For those that want to go deeper on their personal and/or professional development.  To begin to explore the depths of what it would mean to discover your true priorities and begin to live life on your own terms (4F’s). This is where you will explore your true potential, learn to dream bigger, and discover how to take your life to the next level.


For when you are ready to take your business to the next level.  A holistic approach to transforming you into a true business owner with a strategic design approach.  Learn how to structure your business to serve your needs and fulfill your hopes and dreams rather than being a slave to your business.

18:12 Solutions believes that self awareness and communication is at the heart of everything we do as people; and the results of applying the two healthily versus unhealthy can be night and day.

18:12’s keynote speaking is an opportunity to pour directly into the person and family of your organization/business. It allows 18:12 to set the tone, inspire, motivate, and create a sense of urgency to weave the principles into daily decision making, while cohesively fulfilling the vision and purpose of both the individual and/or the organization.

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