18:12’s purpose is to pour truth into the lives of others, educating and equipping them with tools that propel them out of their comfort zone and into their potential.

Office Worker

For the individual

Two of the most difficult things for people are the ability to dream about what they want out of life and knowing how to get there. We will walk with you step by step through a series of developmental formulas that will help you design your life intentionally. A life created on your own terms that allows you to step into your true potential.

Business Owner

For the business owner

18:12 Solutions will evaluate and tailor systems that create more flexibility in your business, allow for more family quality time, while increasing sales, reducing cost and maximizing your business’ efficiency. These systems will allow space to pursue the next phase of your business’ growth and spend less time overwhelmed with “running the business”.


For the corporation

Comprehensive training packages and workshops that include interpersonal communication skills, sales training, and mindfulness assessments. We work with the organization to equip employees with the skills needed to communicate more effectively with customers, coworkers, and self.

We build people and we build businesses, but it all starts with the individual. We meet you where you ARE, assess your personal (or professional) quicksand, and equip you to free yourself while walking knee deep with you.

If you have questions about individual, professional, or group trainings and programs, please contact us here. We would love to find out how we can better serve you. We look forward to the opportunity to show you that you are not who you think you are and you have more control and authority than you think you do.

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